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Owl – Orion Fenix

Author: Andy Seibt

Band: Owl
Album: Orion Fenix
Genre: Doom Metal, Ambient, Metal
Label: Temple Of Torturous
Release Date: March 23, 2018
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This will be the shortest review I ever did… Owl mastermind Kolf created a true masterpiece. Epic, deep, and brutally honest. “Orion Fenix” peels your skin off and overcomes with emotions that truly touch the core. This is true melodic Doom magic. Unbelievably thick and smooth at the same time. I bow down!

Blackwülf – Sinister Sides

Author: Tamino Freitag

Band: Blackwülf
Album: Sinister Sides
Genre: Grunge / Doom
Label: Ripple Music
Release Date: February 23, 2018
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Blackwulf from Oakland are back with their third record, again released on Ripple Music. And what an album it is! Diverse, but not experimental, and fresh without being too modern. “Sinister Sides” is rooted deep in the sound of bygone decades, yet is not a simple copy. The opener “Gate Of Sorrow” breathes Alice In Chains (Singer Alex’ voice is similar to Layne Staley’s), the second song is a fluffy, light rocker, a non-kitschy ballad brings on the feels, and the rest is riffing like as if straight out of Birmingham. Awesome record, buy it and love it!

UR – Grey Wanderer

Author: Meredith Schmiedeskamp

Band: UR
Album: Grey Wanderer
Genre: Sludge / Doom Metal
Label: Droneburg Records
Release Date: November 1, 2017
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The Grey Wanderer’s journey leads through barren deserts, rifts and mountains. From time to time he can rest and meditate amidst the landscape’s panorama, but traveling across the wilderness always means to overcome obstacles. The music of UR is deep, mainly slow and vibrating. Like walking through wasteland and climbing on rocks, it won’t work without patience and the will to inner contemplation. Cloaked in Sludge/Doom Metal, this guys from Leipzig are drawing their own vision of an atmosphere mentioned above. The postish-clean guitars and rare, but haunting growls complete a sonic experience, that really engrosses.

Cabal – Mark Of Rot

Author: Andy Seibt

Band: Cabal
Album: Mark Of Rot
Genre: Deathcore, Djent, Tech-Metal
Label: Long Branch Records
Release Date: February 23, 2018
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THALL! Welcome to the technical side of dirty Doom sounds mixed with Djent rhythms and extremely downtuned six-strings. Combine it with vocals that let your own vocal chords bleed by only hearing one verse and you got “Mark Of Rot”, the current debut release of Denmarks Cabal. The bone-crushing heaviness gives you a constant feeling of uneasiness – but still, you can‘t get enough. With guest appearances by Thy Art Is Murder‘s CJ McMahon and Filip Danielsson of Humanity‘s Last Breath, the Copenhagen-based Cabal join forces with two of the most anticipated vocalists regarding Deathcore or Technical Djent. This thing is a massive and intense beast with some hidden gems that should be heard.

Wiegedood – De Doden Hebben Het Goed III

Author: Felix Hølter

Band: Wiegedood
Album: De Doden Hebben Het Goed III
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Century Media Records
Release Date: April 20, 2018
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Live: ADTicket

With „De Doden Heben Het Goed III“, Belgium’s Black Metal avant-gardists Wiegedood continue playing their atmospheric, monotonous and epic style of Black Metal. Once more, they succeed in taking the spirit of bands like Weakling to the next level, adding that dark intensity, which makes every single Church Of Ra band so special. This third album is a solid sequel to Wiegedoods‘ two other releases. You shouldn’t expect too many experiments, but another record of constant Wiegedood quality.

Peoples Temper – Bomb Shelter Blues I (Single 12″)

Author: Andy Miller

Band: Peoples Temper
Album: Bomb Shelter Blues I (Single 12″)
Genre: Alternative Rock, Stoner Rock
Label: Bacillus Records
Release Date: February 2, 2018
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“Bomb Shelter Blues I” by People’s Temper is a fantastic psychedelic bluesy Stoner Rock record, groovy, but quite apocalyptic. Each track has its own vibe, allowing each song to stand on its own. Great vocals, great vibe, great grooves, and so much power. It’s got elements of Blue Cheer and Sludge influences. Tight songwriting, great lyrics and vocals. Do not overlook this EP, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Iron & Stone – Petrichor

Author: Tamino Freitag

Band: Iron & Stone
Album: Petrichor
Genre: Doom Metal/Stoner Rock/Psychedelic Rock
Label: Backbite Records
Release Date: November 3, 2017
Listen & Buy: JPC, Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp
Facebook, Instagram

“No gimmicks, no fancy bullshit, just some heavy f*ckin’ music”: This German five-piece’s description of their own sound fits pretty well. A mixture of finest Doom and Stoner Rock with a pinch of Sludge Metal makes for a fine album that alternates between heavy melancholy and dusty, rocking groove. The, albeit raw-sounding, well-produced material manages to include sweet riffs, melodies and is full of little details that make you come back for a second spin. And a third. And a fourth…

Bell Witch – Mirror Reaper

Author: Andy Miller

Band: Bell Witch
Album: Mirror Reaper
Genre: Funeral Doom Metal
Label: Profound Lore Records
Release Date: October 20, 2017
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Live: ADTicket

“Mirror Reaper” by Bell Witch is a fantastic, progressive, melancholic piece of art. A cohesive 83 minute masterpiece, as moving as the album art itself. Full of atmosphere, and cold, suicidal anguish. Crushing lyrics and so heavy, it’s also beautiful. Seperated on two discs, titled “As Above”, and “So Below”, it is a labour to listen to the first time around. But it sucks you in. The chant like harmonies and the atmospheres are powerful and mind blowing. “Mirror Reaper” is to Funeral Doom Metal what „Dopesmoker” by Sleep is to Stoner Metal. An anthem, an epic. Perfection.

Iron Walrus – A Beast Within

Author: Tamino Freitag

Band: Iron Walrus
Album: A Beast Within
Genre: Sludge
Label: Redfield Records
Release Date: September 22, 2017
Listen & Buy: JPC, Amazon, Spotify, iTunes
Social: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

This band from Northern Germany has been around for only five years, yet „A Beast Within“ is already their third album, following huge tours and festival appearances. Deep sludgy riffs meet infectious grooves and a real bull of a vocalist – combined, this is a record you really want to have in your collection. If Iron Walrus continue on this path, they could count themselves as some of the bigger players in business, soon – not because they would be mass-compatible, but because they are brillant at what they do! Great band, great album! Also, don’t look up the term “Iron Walrus” on Urban Dictionary.

Hooded Priest – The Hour Be None

Author: Tamino Freitag

Band: Hooded Priest
Album: The Hour Be None
Genre: Classic Doom Metal
Label: I Hate Records
Release Date: December 12, 2017
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Understatement isn’t really this band’s cup of tea, seeing as they describe themselves as a „seminal part of the European Doom Metal scene“ – and by all means, Hooded Priest are not a bad band! Their second album „The Hour Be None“ is not a record any real doomhead would dislike; it’s just probably not one that will see the inside of my CD player very often, with all those great albums by other bands around. Luther is a great vocalist, and the production is crisp and natural, yet the songs themselves do not really get to the point – they go on and on without a real satisfying climax. Nobody will be disappointed, but nobody will be blown away by this, either.