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Black Sadhu – Gayas Revenge (EP)

Author: Sammy Fröbel

Band: Black Sadhu
Album: Gayas Revenge
Genre: Stoner Metal, Horror Doom
Label: Self-released
Release Date: August 28, 2017
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Hailing from the capital of Germany, Black Sadhu deliver the perfect soundtrack for your next midnight ceremony. Dark and slow Doom riffs meet spacy effects paired with a deep frightening voice, which could belong to an ancient archpriest. With “Gayas Revenge” the Berlin-based foursome released their second EP already. Black Sadhu describe their sound as Horror Doom, which fits perfectly. You’ll get psychedelic Doom with ritual-like vocals and even Black Metal moments, which can distract from the music itself sometimes. You can’t file this record under any existing genre, but I bet that if you put Orange Goblin and Saint Vitus in a mixer, this EP would be the result.

The Moth – Hysteria

Author: Meredith Schmiedeskamp

Band: The Moth
Album: Hysteria
Genre: Doom Metal, Sludge, Stoner Rock
Label: This Charming Man Records
Release Date: November 10, 2017
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The loudspeakers are shaking from the first second of this album, the likeable trio from Hamburg has recorded this year. Although the Stoner/Sludge scene offers an enormous variety of bands these days, The Moth are really one of a kind. Between the driving rhythms and punching fuzz-riffs, there’s frequently a place for memorable two-voiced vocal lines and fragments of melodies. Check out the utter dark in „Blackness“ and the lighter, but not less heavy side in „Loose“ or „Fail“, but don’t be surprised, when your windows break and the neighbors collapse.

With The Dead – Love From With The Dead

Author: Tamino Freitag

Band: With The Dead
Album: Love From With The Dead
Genre: Doom Metal, Sludge
Rise Above Records
Release Date: September 22, 2017
Listen & Buy: JPCAmazonSpotify, iTunes
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Live: –

The follow up to With The Dead‘s 2015 debut requires patience, time, and the right mood to fully appreciate it. The song itself is often hidden under tons of heavy, slow riffage and none of the tracks are easy to digest. But as avid Sludge lovers, we know that the riff reigns supreme and there is no need for catchy choruses. What this album offers it sluggish, unrelenting and heavy music that crawls forwards slowly but steadily, crushing everything in its path. What the band has managed to perfect is the art of balancing heaviness and eerie atmospheres. At just the right times, the band hits the breaks or throws in a chilling melody that sends a satisfying shiver down your back. An album for one of these days.