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The Watchers – Black Abyss

Author: Sammy Fröbel

Band: The Watchers
Album: Black Abyss
Genre: Heavy Rock
Label: Ripple Music
Release Date: March 9, 2018
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The art of being a supergroup is to create something new out of the previous work with other bands. This is what The Watchers did with their second release “Black Abyss”. You can hear the influence of Orchid, Spiral Arms and Black Gates in every single note since the San Francisco/Bay Area-based foursome delivers heavy Rock riffs with a badass attitude. Unfortunately, The Watchers are not very innovative. Some dark moments here, a great guitar solo there, but all in all “Black Abyss” sounds like the typical Hard Rock album: a load of guitar solos, fat riffs and succinct vocals. The concept seems to work. The Watchers are touring all over the USA, together with bands like Saxon.

Killer Boogie – Acid Cream

Author: Sammy Fröbel

Band: Killer Boogie
Album: Acid Cream
Genre: Fuzz Rock, Retro-rock
Label: Heavy Psych Sounds
Release Date: March 9, 2018
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The summer is coming and what else could be better than hanging out in the park with some nice “Acid Cream”… uhm … I mean ice cream! Killer Boogie’s new record “Acid Cream” is the perfect soundtrack for both. The trio delivers extremely fuzzy Vintage Rock sound with a lot of groove. It doesn’t sound too far-fetched that the creative process behind this record was influenced by the one or the other drug. What’s good for Black Sabbath, can’t be bad for Killer Boogie. “Acid Cream” is a perfect mixture of 70’s Fuzz Rock, Garage Rock and Blues. If you’re on the hunt for a band that sounds similar to Radio Moscow and Fuzz, this record is just perfect for you.

Ministry – AmeriKKKant

Author: Tamino Freitag

Band: Ministry
Album: AmeriKKKant
Genre: Industrial
Label: Nuclear Blast
Release Date: March 9, 2018
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Fans might be happy that Ministry are still around to record another album – everyone else will just shake their heads at the edgy-titled “AmeriKKKant”, which annoys the listener with samples on end and many “songs” that lose themselves somewhere between boring ideas and sound effects. Actually, the first half of the record feels like a 20-minute intro to an album that does not seem likely ever to come. They get back on track with the punky “We’re Tired of It” and the harsh but melodic “Wargasm” – all this is not enough to call this a good album, though.