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Krane – Pleonexia

Author: Meredith Schmiedeskamp

Band: Krane
Album: Pleonexia
Genre: Post-Rock/-Metal
Label: Czar Of Crickets Productions
Release Date: October 27, 2017
Listen & Buy: JPC, Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp
Social: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
Live: ADTicket
Website: kraneband.ch

With “Pleonexia” Krane from Switzerland have created an instrumental concept-work about conflicts, which are always proceeding on our planet. Although there are no lyrics, the most tracks contain social criticism in form of concise quotes from speakers like Louis Farrakhan, Robert Oppenheimer and Serdar Somuncu. Musically, Krane are playing their Post-Rock in an atmospheric, but heavy way. The guitars are shimmering as they should do in this genre, but the way of drumming is worthy of discussion. Either the drums keep quiet, or toms and snare are overused and stressful intonated. Less could be more in this case.