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Iron Walrus – A Beast Within

Author: Tamino Freitag

Band: Iron Walrus
Album: A Beast Within
Genre: Sludge
Label: Redfield Records
Release Date: September 22, 2017
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This band from Northern Germany has been around for only five years, yet „A Beast Within“ is already their third album, following huge tours and festival appearances. Deep sludgy riffs meet infectious grooves and a real bull of a vocalist – combined, this is a record you really want to have in your collection. If Iron Walrus continue on this path, they could count themselves as some of the bigger players in business, soon – not because they would be mass-compatible, but because they are brillant at what they do! Great band, great album! Also, don’t look up the term “Iron Walrus” on Urban Dictionary.

Freedom Hawk – s/t (Re-Release)

Author: Tamino Freitag

Band: Freedom Hawk
Album: s/t
Genre: Stoner Rock
Label: Ripple Music
Release Date: September 22, 2017
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Eight years after its original release, Freedom Hawk‘s second full-length gets a re-release, so anyone, who has not been able to get his or her hands on the original pressing, can enjoy. Freedom Hawk‘s bluesy, riff-laden Stoner Rock hits the mark on every track on this self-titled release. The groove is irresistible, the guitars drop riffs as tasty as can be, and production compliments every aspect of the band’s sound. The main influence here seem to be the old Kyuss classics – although singer T.R. Morton sounds more like Ozzy than the man himself nowadays. This is the sort of music that makes you want to heat up your BBQ on your balcony in the middle of November. If you dig the genre, you will dig the album!

Nuisance Of Majority – Savage Ritual

Author: Tamino Freitag

Band: Nuisance Of Majority
Album: Savage Ritual
Genre: Punky Thrash in suede shoes
Label: Backbite Records
Release Date: September 22, 2017
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Nuisance Of Majority hail from the city of Kiel in Northern Germany and have been around for 15 years already – yet they still manage to sound hungry and pissed. The band’s style ranges from more traditional Stoner Rock to real punky, technical Thrash Metal and Hardcore. The singer especially stands out, as he reigns over the often times hectic riffs with a voice similar to Lamb Of God‘s Randy Blythe, while showcasing a classic, warm singing style in the songs, too. The songwriting could sound a bit more homogenous all in all, but this album is a cool and original addition to every collection.

With The Dead – Love From With The Dead

Author: Tamino Freitag

Band: With The Dead
Album: Love From With The Dead
Genre: Doom Metal, Sludge
Rise Above Records
Release Date: September 22, 2017
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The follow up to With The Dead‘s 2015 debut requires patience, time, and the right mood to fully appreciate it. The song itself is often hidden under tons of heavy, slow riffage and none of the tracks are easy to digest. But as avid Sludge lovers, we know that the riff reigns supreme and there is no need for catchy choruses. What this album offers it sluggish, unrelenting and heavy music that crawls forwards slowly but steadily, crushing everything in its path. What the band has managed to perfect is the art of balancing heaviness and eerie atmospheres. At just the right times, the band hits the breaks or throws in a chilling melody that sends a satisfying shiver down your back. An album for one of these days.

Wolves In The Throne Room – Thrice Woven

Author: Meredith Schmiedeskamp

Band: Wolves In The Throne Room
Album: Thrice Woven
Genre: Black Metal, Ambient
Label: Artemisia Records
Release Date: September 22, 2017
Listen & Buy: JPC, Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp
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Live: ADTicket

Awoken from their ambient meditation, Wolves In The Throne Room are opening to their roots again. Under waves of mist, „Thrice Woven“ unites the Black Metal hypnosis and cautious acoustic guitars and ritual chants. Especially „The Old Ones Are With Us“ and „Angrboda“ are breathing the natural spirit of the Weaver brothers’ music. At some points the drums could be less dead-sounding and the keys may be a bit too loud here and there, but nevertheless all Black Metal enthusiasts from the Pacific Northwest, should listen to „Thrice Woven“.