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Boneflower – Empty Rooms, Full Bodies

Author: Felix Hølter

Band: Boneflower
Album: Empty Rooms, Full Bodies
Genre: Screamo
Label: Lifeisafunnything (Germany), Unlock yourself (Russia), Saltamarges (Spain) and more
Release Date: November 11, 2017
Listen & Buy: Amazon, Spotify, Bandcamp
Social: Facebook, Instagram
Live: –
Website: boneflower.tictail.com

This years’ Screamo releases were definitely rad. You cannot simply ignore this genre, even if you’re a true Sludge Worm. Next to I Hate Sex and Heaven In Her Arms, Boneflower from Spain put out one last masterpiece for 2017. “Empty Rooms, Full Bodies” is their second album and it floats between spoken word-like vocals and epic guitar peaks with sharp screaming. The whole thing is configured to induce goose bumps from the first listen. Boneflower accomplish to create an amalgam of Screamo and some kind of Post-Metal, which is both, expressive and emotional, music.